Air Conditioning & Heating Installation and Repair in Indio, CA

Indio, CA

Residential Air Conditioning and Heating Installation & Repair

If you live in Indio, CA, you live in one of the areas serviced by Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating. Weather in Indio like the rest of the desert can be brutal and extreme, and there’s nothing worse than having your AC break down during the hottest months. Our highly trained technicians will get your system up and running again and have you comfortable in no time.

Our trained engineers will design a system that fits your specific needs and budget. We also pride ourselves in being able to repair any system  no matter the brand or age. At Desert Tech our technicians do not work on commission and will never try to sell you parts or upsell on things you don’t need.

Are you looking to replace your old system and install a new AC system? Desert Tech uses trained engineers and not salespeople to evaluate your needs. Our engineers do not work on commission. Their only goal is to design a system that meets your expectations and your budget.

From Mediterranean Style to Old Spanish Style to Modern Ranch, We Speak them All!

If you live in a mid-century modern home or condo, we know how much pride you take in it. We speak mid-century modern too! That means that visible parts we install will all fit perfectly with your mid-century look.

Desert Tech is Your Local Indio Resource for Residential Air Conditioning and Heating

We offer a complete line of residential products and services. From AC to swamp coolers and smart thermostats, Desert Tech does it all!

Learn About Desert Tech Residential AC & Heating Services

Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating offers a full set of residential services:

Commercial HVAC Installation and Repair for Businesses in Indo, CA

You depend on your HVAC systems for the comfort of your customers and employees. So, when it breaks down, it causes you to lose money. Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating offers complete HVAC installation and repair services for businesses in the Indo, CA area.

Desert Tech, the Local HVAC Contractor That Does it All!

We have years of experience and a full staff of highly trained technicians. Desert Tech will look after all of the HVAC needs  Our technicians are trained and experienced in all systems from package units and split systems to commercial chillerswater towers and boilers to ventilation systems and commercial refrigeration.

Desert Tech is Your Local Indio Resource

Desert Tech is a locally owned and operated business. Being local, we are just a short drive away and can be there when you need us. Call Desert Tech and let us solve your HVAC needs.

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Learn About Desert Tech Commercial HVAC Services

Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating offers a full set of commercial services:

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