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Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating is the local expert you can trust to inspect the HVAC systems when you are buying a commercial property.

Commercial HVAC inspection is essential when you are buying a new property or facility.  Plan for making a thorough HVAC inspection before purchasing a commercial property.  A commercial HVAC inspection will provide you with a complete picture of the potential HVAC risks and operating expenses.

The inspection benefits both buyer and seller. It provides the seller with valuable information about the HVAC systems and their condition. Having this information, neither the buyer or seller will be surprised by an unknown or unexpected HVAC problem. The buyer will not face large, unforeseen additional expenses to fix the cooling or heating systems, and the seller will not end up in a conflict, legal or otherwise, with a dissatisfied buyer.

Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in commercial HVAC inspection for property purchase in the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area.

Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating Pre-Sale Inspection

The Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating engineer will evaluate the following during an HVAC pre-sale inspection:

Equipment age and condition – The age, health, and overall functionality of the HVAC equipment will tell you whether or not the systems are past their prime. Furthermore, it will tell you if the HVAC equipment is at the point when a replacement may become necessary. The commercial HVAC inspection will expose whether or not the HVAC systems have been neglected. Or, if they have been given regular preventive maintenance to keep them in good working order. An older HVAC system that has been well maintained will likely still have some useful years in it.

Ductwork – Commercial ductwork should be the correct size to carry the amount of cooled and heated air needed for the building. Exposing the need to replace ductwork to correct problems may reveal potential expense. Ductwork should also be in good condition, sealed at all connections, and insulated.significant expense. Ductwork should also be in good condition, sealed at all connections, and insulated.

HVAC Sizing – The HVAC equipment should be the proper size to provide enough capacity to produce the amount of cooling and heating needed for the building. Too small and it won’t generate enough conditioned air. Too large and it will waste energy and money. The commercial HVAC inspection includes a load calculation that shows how much heating and cooling will be needed. It is vital to know this information so that you don’t have to replace the HVAC equipment after buying the building.

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If you are considering buying a commercial property, call Desert Tech Air Conditioning and Heating for a professional commercial HVAC inspection!
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