Commercial Water Towers & Cooling Towers

Desert Tech Cooling & Heating offers complete services for commercial water towers and cooling towers.

Commercial Cooling Towers Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

When you’re running a commercial HVAC system, you need an excellent cooling tower to dispose of all that excess heat. We offer a great selection of water towers and cooling towers to all of our Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area customers. We can install, repair, replace and maintain your cooling tower for you. We have just the right mix of skills and experience that you’d like in your commercial HVAC contractor.

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Water Tower & Cooling Tower Installation and Replacement Services

A properly working cooling tower needs to be appropriately matched to the rest of your HVAC system. Desert Tech engineers know just how to do that. We’ll help you determine exactly the right type of water tower or cooling tower for your system, and we’ll thoroughly discuss your installation options with you as well.

Once we’ve selected the right cooling tower, we’ll begin the installation process. We’ll completely remove your old unit and dispose of it for you. Then we’ll install your new cooling tower, and you’ll be all set and ready to go.

Water Tower & Cooling Towers Repair and Maintenance

We offer complete professional water tower and cooling tower repair services. If you notice a change in the way your cooling tower is working or the amount of energy it’s using to get the job done, don’t hesitate to call Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll have someone out quickly to check your system and make the necessary repairs.

The longer you wait to call, the higher the chance that a more significant problem develops and that repairs will be more expensive. Putting off water tower and cooling tower repairs also means you’re paying more every month in cooling costs. A poorly working cooling tower also costs you more to operate. Therefore, getting it fixed is the best overall financial decision.

Keeping up with regular cooling tower maintenance is another great way to keep costs down. A water tower or cooling tower that’s up to date on routine service will run more efficiently, and so will cost you less over the long term.

No matter what type of water tower or cooling tower service you need, be sure to give Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating a call.

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Types of Commercial Customers We Service

  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Medical facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial facilities
  • Retail centers
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Theatres
  • Country clubs
  • Cannabis grow, labs and processing facilities
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