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Residential Ductless Mini-split air conditioning & Heating

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Even though ductless air conditioning isn’t a new technology, it’s recently been gaining a lot of popularity in the Coachella Valley area. It provides a unique type of high-quality cooling without the need for advanced ductwork and vent systems. It’s an excellent option for those whose house cannot support air ducts and those who have ducts already installed that are not compatible with traditional air conditioning and heating systems. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for those who want to cool difficult spaces such as garages, bonus-rooms, and additions where traditional ductwork isn’t feasible.

Ductless indoor unit installed

Types of Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Garage style ductless mini-split installation

A Mini-Split System Can Save You Money

A ductless mini-split system can save you money. It cuts your electricity bills up to 70%. Because you can cool selected rooms or space without having to cool the entire house, you can dramatically lower your energy costs

The Desert Tech Consultation Process

A licensed engineer and not a salesperson or consultant will visit your home.  The engineer will conduct a full analysis of your home and existing equipment.

The Desert Tech Air Conditioning & Heating engineer will:

Desert Tech engineers are trained in the latest developments in the cooling and heating industry.  They are passionate about creating solutions to ensure the comfort of our customers.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning & Heating Repair

American Standard ductless mini split system outdoor unit

Our experienced technicians will work promptly and efficiently to detect your ductless mini-split system’s problem and pinpoint what exactly needs to be fixed.  They will get your unit back to normal.  No matter the issue, big or small, our technicians will cater to your needs and ensure your system is working to its maximum ability.  Whether you suspect a leak, a problem with the sensor, or an electric control failure, call our technicians and get your unit working like new again!

Desert Tech — The Home Of No Commission Technicians!​

Unlike other air conditioning & heating companies in our area, Desert Tech engineers and technicians work on a straight salary. They do not receive a commission for selling parts and services. Not receiving commission means they will never try to "up-sell" you on parts and services you don't need. Desert Tech engineers and technicians have only one mission — to provide you with outstanding service!​

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Desert Tech Air Conditioning and Heating is a family owned and operated business. For over 39 years we have been providing outstanding air conditioning and heating services in the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley area. To us, you’re not just a customer. You’re our neighbor.

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The Desert Tech Promise:

Never Cookie Cutter. Never Salespeople. Cooling and Heating 5-Star Solutions Engineered to Your Specific Needs at Affordable Prices Done Right the First Time.

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Desert Tech Response to COVID-19, the Coronavirus

In response to significant concerns among our customers about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Coachella Valley, we want to let our customers know about the precautions Desert Tech is taking and the services we are offering during these times:

  1. Desert Tech is offering add-on air sanitation and anti-viral cleaning and filtering equipment/products for your air conditioning and heating systems. This equipment uses filters and UV light to filter out and kill viruses, bacteria, spores, mold, and other airborne pathogens and on surfaces. We have secured a variety of this type of add-on purifiers. Please be aware that, as with many items at this time, quantities are limited and are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. The health of our customers and our employees is our top priority and so we have taken the following steps:
    • If our employees are not feeling well, we are requiring them to stay home and seek medical attention consistent with CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
    • In 90% of service calls, our technicians need not enter your home. You need only allow them access to your garage, yard space, or rooftop to carry out their tasks.
    • Our technicians are following strict sanitization procedures and will wear N95 rated face masks, face shields, and gloves.
  3. As part of servicing your equipment, Desert Tech has secured a limited supply of N95 face masks that we will made available to existing Desert Tech customers at a nominal fee. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you have any questions about our safety and sanitation policies, would like to add whole-home air filtering and sanitation product to your existing air conditioning and heating system, or would like to find out about acquiring an N95 face mask, please call us at (760) 327-2501.